Sonic Systems Ultrasonic Shear Stability Testing Systems are designed and engineered to provide accurate efficient measuring of polymer breakdown in motor oil additives. Our shear stability systems conform to both ASTM D-2603 & D-5621 Standards. The heart of our system is a ultra-tip ultrasonic probe with a microprocessor based generator. The generators provide digital processing readouts. A sound box with a lexan see-through door is available to accompany the generator and probe. The sound box features a built in insulated bath with cooling capabilities to maintain sample temperatures. Each system has the ability to provided in domestic and international voltages.

Standard Features:

  • Conforms to ASTM D-2603 & D-5621 Standards
  • Digital time and temperature readouts
  • Insulated bath with cooling coil for sample jar
  • Sound box with clear poly-carbonate door for full viewing
  • Pneumatic jack to raise and lower sample bath
  • Replaceable horns and end tips available

Sonic Systems Ultrasonic Shear Stability Testing Systems are highly effective units that produce consistent & effective testing. Our systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide long life durability and easy service access to all major components. A full stainless steel construction resists deformation and corrosion for years of use. Sonic Systems ULTRABRAZE® Ultrasonic Transducers provide a metal to metal bond that far outlasts and outperforms conventional epoxy-bonded components. All Sonic Systems units are designed, engineered and manufactured in house to ensure product quality and complete customer satisfaction.

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