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We are a FULL-SCALE METAL FABRICATION shop that can take your idea for a CUSTOM PROJECT from dream to reality.

Because we are SONIC SYSTEMS, our specialties include ultrasonic cleaning units used in everything from the HOSPITAL and HEALTHCARE environment to AEROSPACE applications. Our products also include small benchtop cleaners to large capacity tanks for INDUSTRIAL and MILITARY use.

SAVE MONEY and TIME with an ultrasonic tank. Cleaning your tools and/or products ultrasonically will add years of life to the instruments you use. Tools that LOOK old, will become like NEW again, saving you money on new equipment, and if you are paying a lot to employees or outside services for cleaning, you will save money over the long haul, and YOU'LL SAVE TIME.

If you don't need our ultrasonic line, that's fine, as we can create most any product. We can take your idea for a metal project and design it, then cut, bend, weld, PEM, wire, and anything it else it might require, to make it come to life.

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Operating in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

We are proud to make our products right here in Bucks County, PA. MADE IN AMERICA is important to us, and we are also proud of the high-quality work that we have ALWAYS done, for decades. We are known county wide for our quality and dependability.

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ISO Certified Medical Grade Processes

We are ISO Certified Medical Grade. Now, what does that mean? It means that we create our products to the highest standards possible. If hospitals can trust us to clean their surgical tools, (that we hope you never have to have used on you) then you can trust that when you give your metal project to us to create, that the highest quality will follow.

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