The CXT45 Cannulated Instrument Wash Tray was designed to fit a 200/400 Series model with the Cannulated Instrument Irrigator option. The CI Option adds pulsed fluidics to the wash chamber to help flush cannulated instruments during the ultrasonic wash process. The CXT45 connects to one of two CI Tank Hookup Ports via a quick disconnect elbow and tubing. Inside the wash tray, a 10-port distribution manifold allows the operator to connect up to 10 CI Hookup hoses for directing the CI flow to the instruments. All Sonic Systems wash trays are full designed and manufactured in house out of stainless steel.

Features of the CXT45

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Passivized for an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Laser Cut Bottom to allow for optimal ultrasonic cavitation
  • Convenient welded stainless steel handles
  • 10 Port CI manifold with quick disconnect shutoff fittings
  • 10 CI Hookup Hoses
  • CI Manifold to CI Tank Hookup hose with quick disconnect elbow

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