Sonic Systems 700 Series Ultrasonic Console Systems are free standing single tank & single function units designed for continuous use, high-performance, ultrasonic washing. The units are available in frequencies of either 27kHz or 40kHz with standard tank sizes ranging from 25 to 60 gallon liquid capacity and can be purchased individually or as a package with companion units. The companion units of the 700 Series Ultrasonic Console System contain one of the following 3 functions: rinse (cascade, spray, immersion, or aeration), forced hot air dry and/or alcohol dry. The 700 Series Ultrasonic Console Systems are designed be exceptionally versatile for applications with space constraints. Each 700 Series Ultrasonic Console System or companion unit can be custom engineered and configured to meet the needs of a particular market or customer application. Below are some of the common sizes for the 700 Series Ultrasonic Console Systems with popular options. Custom sizes and options are available to fit your needs. Please contact us to learn about our full scale capabilities to satisfy your application.

Standard Features:

  • Piezoelectric ULTRABRAZE® Ultrasonic Transducers
  • Frequency of 27kHz or 40kHz
  • Full 300 Series Stainless Steel Construction
  • Safety Interlocked Cabinet Door
  • Convenient Access to Control Panel

Optional Equipment

  • Lifting platform (Stainless steel, 250 lb. weight capacity)
  • Stainless Steel Roller Platforms
  • Vertical Agitation
  • Tank Heater with Thermostat Control
  • Pump and Filtration Systems
  • Stainless Steel Wash Trays
ModelChamber Size (Left-Right x Front-Back x Depth)Maximum Chamber CapacityUltrasonic Power
700C25" x 25" x 15"25 gals.1200 Watts
701C25" x 18" x 15"30 gals.1200 Watts
702C25" x 24" x 15"40 gals.1800 Watts
703C25" x 36" x 15"60 gals.2400 Watts

Standard 700 Series Console System sizes. Additional sizes available upon request.

Sonic Systems 700 Series Ultrasonic Console Systems are highly effective units with a high watt density (ultrasonic power per unit of water) to produce consistent & effective washing. Our ultrasonic washers are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide long life durability and easy service access to all major components. A full stainless steel construction resists deformation and corrosion for years of use. Sonic Systems ULTRABRAZE® Ultrasonic Transducers provide a metal to metal tank bond that far outlasts and outperforms conventional epoxy-bonded components. All Sonic Systems units are designed, engineered and manufactured in house to ensure product quality and complete customer satisfaction.

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